Hi there

This is the about page for a person called Hugh. I spend most of my time in Dublin. I've spent more of my life than I would like on computers, but in recent years I've started spending more time on things that matter more: animals, food, books, different world views and more than a few weeks in Montreal.

I spent a lot of my time in college working on systems administration for Netsoc and I owe a lot of my origins to the society. I spent a year hiding from the real world doing a masters and then saw the world in a few ways when working with Demonware. As times and I changed, I ended up moving into a long-appealing area combining technology and human rights, mangling systems for eQualitie.

When I'm happier I enjoy spending my time reading about sociology, religion, gender, cyberpunk and alternative free communities, playing music, piercing people, picking locks, gardening and playing with my cats. When I'm less so I tend to spend my time working on systems automation, penetration testing, scalability and training people to try to communicate more securely. Despite growing up thinking I was a transhumanist, I have mixed feelings on technology.